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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Cross-Pond Collaboration!

Recently, at the world-famous Hypothetical Island studios, I found a drawing on my desk of famed British comics character Judge Dredd, drawn by my studiomate, famed British comics illustrator Simon Fraser, along with a challenge issued to me to "ink me, drokker"

Yeah, I don't know what a drokker is either, but I bet it's naughty.
So I inked that mutha.

Then, being an unfamed American, I drew up a picture of famed American comic book character Captain America and issued a challenge to Simon to ink up my pencil sketch.
Here's Simon's inks. He altered the good captain's dialogue 'cause he's jealous that we had to save his arse in Dubya Dubya Two. Woo! 'Merica!

Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Thorsday!

Man, that title would've been funnier if I posted it on an actual Thursday. Well, thank gods it's Friday! how's that?
First post in an age and a half I know. I've gotten away from drawing for actual fun for, like, months now, so today I came in the studio and was like "I'ma gonn draw somethin' fun! And differen'! Like a Superhero!!!" So I drew Thor, whose also a god. And consequently, not all that different than what i normally draw. Baby steps, baby steps.