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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well, at least I can draw good...

How's this for the least photogenic man alive? While doing a Google vanity search the other day I can across this monstrosity of a photo on the Publisher's Weekly site. On the right is Rivkah, the cartoonist behind Steady Beat from Tokyo Pop. Nice photo of her, right?

Now, on the left, we have me. One will instantly notice the glassy half-lidded eyes, slightly askance to the wall, and think, "my, what a terrible photo". Oh, but there's more. A closer look at my right paw reveals that I am unintentionally flipping the bird at the viewer. How do I let something like this happen? What was wrong with me that day? How have I not learned to not hold a piece of paper like that? I wonder how many people saw this photo and thought terrible, unkind things about me? "Well, I was going to do a cover story on Mr. O'Connor, but after seeing that photo..."

Lesson learned? Always use my index finger, and invest in sunglasses.


Maria Mercado said...

AHAHAHAHAHA! Wow, you look drunk. Whatever you had that day, I want some.

George O'Connor said...

They were actually serving this weird bright blue cocktail (some sort of sponsor), which I didn't drink because it looked like pure hangover maker. No, sadly, that's all me. I can't keep my eyes open with a flash if my life depended on it.