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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Zeus and Typhon

Yet another sketch for The Olympians. This particular design is still a ways off--the story of Typhon's battle against the Olympian gods isn't going to be told until Hermes' volume, Trickster Tales, currently scheduled to be book ten in The Olympians. This piece originated as a sketch idea for the desktop wallpaper of my computer-- before I decide that I probably didn't want to (A) stare at a hundred scary screaming faces for a long time and (B) draw a finished version of those hundred scary faces until I absolutely had to.

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Jakob Dailes said...

I need you to help me here. Greek Myth says that Dionysos was alive at the time Typhon attacked. But my handy-dandy edition of Tales of the Greek Heroes says Kadmos (Dionysos' granddad) helped out against Typhon while searching for his sister Europa. So which account do you think should be trusted?