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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Better late than never...

Check out the cool article on Seth Kushner and Christopher Irving's blog for their upcoming book project Graphic NYC, all about cartoonists in the NYC.

This particular article's about me, ahem ;)


erin stead said...

Hurray famous George! I have a little beef with the part about kids books and comics having nothing to do with eachother. Nevertheless, good interview, great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

George O'Connor said...

Well, that comment was made by me in reference to my own career, in that folks who know me as a children's book illustrator tend not to know me as a cartoonist, and vice-versa. The actual art forms are so closely related that if they were to have children they would be hideously malformed freakazoids, but their respective audiences wouldn't know each other if they were bitten by each other. I think this is because comics fans seldom breed.