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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Not a hoax! Not a dream!

It's been forever and I day since I last updated the ol' blog. The good news is that's because I've been creating scads of new artwork, so lot's of stuff to share!

First up, the complete colors for The Glory of Hera. Enjoy!


White Lightning! said...

Looks great! Hera really pops in her red dress.

George O'Connor said...

Thanks, I'm very fond of this cover myself.

hanbbit said...

what did you use to color it?

George O'Connor said...

This is all accomplished through the magic of Photoshop. I scanned in the b&w line art that I had drawn with ink, and the rest is digital wizardry.

Maybe I'll post a step by step tutorial of my coloring process?..

hanbbit said...

yes please! can't photoshop for beans, so that would be very helpful.