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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Spectacular Spider-Woman

Way, way, way back before she became all cool again, I was an enormous fan of the original Spider-Woman, and secretly harbored plans to one day make it big at Marvel Comics and restore her to prominence. Obviously, that's no longer needed (thanks to Mr. Brian Michael Bendis) but I thought folks might get a kick out of seeing these circa 1995-or-so tryout pages I did.

My own personal critique? Some of the storytelling is a little wonky, and I'm not digging the 90's panel layouts, but the figure work hold up surprisingly well.


Simon Fraser said...

SpiderWoman yes. Especially drawn by Infantino when she got all curvy.

bit said...

if you had the chance, would you work at marvel?

George O'Connor said...

Simon: Infantino was, and is, great, but my fave artist on those early issues was Steve Leahleoh (sp?). But Infantino's design for Spider-Woman, the costume, the hair-- so great.

Hanbbit: Y'know, it would really depend. My long-term plan was always to be get to the point where I'd be able to do my own stories, and I'm doing that without a Marvel stint. Maybe if they let me do a Spider-Woman story...