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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trickster Tales

Just finished coloring this guy for the website, not to mention the (very far off) upcoming Hermes book in Olympians. Thought it looked pretty nice and so I shared it with you all. Enjoy.


Crash said...

Hermes has always been my favorate greek god. I'm glad you made him look pretty awsome. I don't even know why I never drew him with a winged helmet, what was I thinking.

George O'Connor said...

Thanks man. I'd like to see your depictions of him.

Crash said...

I just today found your comments because I guess I don't have email notifications for this kind of thing. I don't think I have any of the drawings I did of Hermes still, but I was just thinking of how the flash is basically Hermes, and somehow that air of not taking himself too seriously translates into the comic book character. I'm basically always obsessed with ancient rome, so I'll probably get back to drawing Hermes eventually. I remember when I drew him he had curly, golden brown hair. Totally not as cool as that helmet.