Friday, February 27, 2009

The Cyclopes and the Hekatonchieres

The Cyclopes and the Hekatonwhatnows?

These are two of my favorite designs from Zeus: Father of the Gods. The Cyclopes you probably all know, but history has largely forgotten their monstrous brothers, the much harder to pronounce Hekatonchieres, which means, incidentally "the hundred-handed ones". In addition to the aforementioned 100 hands, each Hekatonchiere (there were 3) had 50 heads, so, while I was really happy with the solutions I came up with in designing them, I really didn't feel the need to put them into too many scenes.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So I know I'm often remiss in posting in a timely fashion on this blog, normally 'cause I'm at my studio, drawing, drawing away. Really, though, with all the computer coloring I've been doing lately, I have absolutely no excuse (other than forgetfulness) to not post cool shtuff. Here's a panel of Zeus: Father of the Gods' big bad, Kronos, the titanic baby-eating embodiment of all-devouring time.