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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pallas Athena

This won't be a new image to anyone who's seen my Facebook page; it served as my profile picture for quite a lengthy spell. So why post it again here?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I don't have  a scanner yet.

Also, I'm currently working on the second book of my big Greek Myth graphic novel series, The Olympians. Book 2 is called The Grey-Eyed Goddess, and it's all about Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom, crafts and benevolent war, among others. Why is she called Pallas Athena? Good question, and the greeks had no one answer for that. Part of the narrative structure of Grey-Eyed Goddess explores the multiple explanations for different aspects of Athena. One story maintains that Athena took the name Pallas after killing the goat-like leader of the Gigantes who was named, you guessed it, Pallas. This is the moment right before she sticks it to him good, it's one of the first images I conceived of when planning this book, and I think it came out pretty nicely. I like it so much, I plan on making it into a t-shirt one of these days.

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