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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some More Ball-Peenishness

Some more preview pages from Ball-Peen Hammer, written by Adam Rapp. We've already met Welton and Underjohn, rotting away in their basement. Please meet Exley (the woman) and Horlick (the boy), the other two main characters, who are set above it all in a crumbling clock tower. Horlick is a feral child who was subdued by Exley, who spends the rest of the book trying to save him. This is pretty early in their relationship, hence his being tied to a chair.
This scene, and the little stalemate they've got going here, is one of the scenes that made me want to illustrate this book; it gets resolved, quite ingeniously, and finally, by Exley on the following page. Like I said, this book is definitely not going to be for kids so I had to be somewhat selective in what I show here. Nothing violent, just not particularly appropriate for an ostensibly all-ages blog.

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