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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oldie but moldy

In 2006, I was living temporarily in Italy, when First Second editor Mark Siegel asked me to create something for their new blog, as a kind of way to introduce myself and my sensibilities to new readers, and while I was at it, maybe talk a little about my new homa in Roma.

The above comic is what I came up with. First Second initially passed on it, as it was determined to (A) be way the hell out there and (B) nothing to do with whatsoever with my then upcoming First Second comic Journey into Mohawk Country. Instead I sent in some sketches from sketchbooks that had luckily moved to Italy with me, and that was that. Sometime later, when a normal contributor to First Second's blog missed a deadline, my zombie comic was resurrected and made its undead appearance.
I've always been rather fond of this strip, and I keep thinking how I should make a new installment for my new(ish) apartment in Brooklyn. Too bad I didn't think to run this on Halloween.


Logie Beck said...

I love it! I really hope you actually think about your homes as being fortresses like that, because that's HILARIOUS. XD How long did you live in Italy for?

And yes, I think you definately should do a short something on your Brooklyn apartment. =)

George O'Connor said...

Only about 6 months. And sadly, I really do run this mental exercise often. It's a fun way to pass the time.

Simon Fraser said...

Shame you didn't come visit us in Kenya. Steel Gates, Barred Windows, a 6 foot wall, Dogs and a couple of Maasai Warriors guarding the place. A Panic Button with an Armed Rapid Response Team on the end of it. Also our own self contained water supply ( about 3 weeks worth ), fruit trees and seats booked on the UN Emergency Airlift of Staff and Personnel to Limassol in Cyprus, if things got REALLY tough.

I also had a Soft Ball Bat under the bed, cos I reckoned that in a confined space I could swing that faster than a Cricket Bat.

What were we talking about? ..oh yea, Trastevere is great, we lived in Frascati for 18 months...bit cooler in the Summer. The shitty Train service would have limited the mobility of any Roman Zombie infestation coming up the Castelli.