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Monday, January 12, 2009

New Years resolution-- Love my blog

It's been an age and a day since I last updated this blog-- let's rectify that!

Ball-Peen Hammer, my new graphic novel written by Adam Rapp, goes to press this week-- to celebrate, here's some preparatory sketches I made way back in 2007 when I first became attached to this project. These are among the sketches I submitted to the publisher fro inclusion as back-matter, so they may or may not have made the cut for the final book. These are some of my early sketches for Welton, one of the main characters. More to follow in days to come...


Logie B. said...

Awesome! Great to see you're updating again! Hope you had a good holiday season. =)

Now, when you say that it's going to press this week, are they just printing, or is it actually being released/unleashed on the public?

George O'Connor said...

That means it's off to being printed. I believe it is scheduled to be unleashed sometime in spring of this year. I've always been terrible at remembering this stuff.