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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remembering Dwayne McDuffie: Teenage Negro Ninja Thrashers

Earlier this week, the comics world lost one of its own. Dwayne McDuffie spent much of his career in comics working to bring some greater diversity to the world of comics and superheroes. In addition to spearheading the multicultural imprint Milestone at DC, and creating the long-running cartoon series Static Shock, he wrote one of my personal favorite series at Marvel, Damage Control.

While working at Marvel comics, Mr. McDuffie pitched a series that has become the stuff of legend in the comics biz. Here's the memo as it circulated thru Marvel:

To honor Mr.McDuffie, I decided to bring his vision to life. Here's what I drew:

 Upon researching the characters, I learned, sadly, that apparently the character "Dark Wheelie" mentioned in his pitch was not real-- in addition to team leader "mysterious black guy on skateboard", that was two characters I had to make up for my drawing, so I lazed out and drew one, and it's up to you, the gentle viewer to decide who it is. I do hereby vow that I will one day bring "Dark Wheelie" to proper life, in some way.

Rest in Peace, Mr. McDuffie, you will be missed.


A.S.I.M. said...

so backwards. i think the point of his memo was not to pitch a new concept , but more to re-iterate the fact that there is a need for non-skateboard based Black superheroes.

George O'Connor said...

I'd say he was definitely doing it to reiterate the need for non-skateboard based Black superheroes-- he even closed his "pitch" with a "Have I made my point?"