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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My cat

Been awhile since I've posted some sketches here! In a blatant and shameless bit of topic baiting, Tim Hamilton sent the word around this morning that today's topic was "Birdie the Cat". Blatant and shameless because Birdie is my cat.

My girlfriend and I adopted "Stray # 3" from the Seventh Ave Cat Clinic about two and a half years ago. We named her Birdie because of the trilling noises she makes, and because we thought it might be funny to name her after something she might like to eat. Like "Carrots" the rabbit, or "Birdseed" the parakeet, or "Steaming Load of its Own Feces" the dog. Birdie the Cat.

She's a funny little tabby, this Birdie, and I captured a few little doodles of her this morning as she stared out the window, wondering after her namesake, no doubt.

I wonder if she'd be flattered by all this attention. As a rule, the Bird doesn't seem to like anyone but my girlfriend and me, but I think she's been nice to Tim Hamilton on occasion when he's looked in on her when we're both out of town. Enough to make an impression, at least.

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