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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Real Blushworthy Zeus mention in The School Library Journal

Well, sometimes in this business people write some nice things about your work, and sometimes they write some really nice things about your work, and then there's this.

The good folks at Macmillan (the parent company of Roaring Brook and First Second) recently hosted an event where they presented some of the companies upcoming offerings to an invited crowd of Alpha Librarians (the best sort of friends one can hope to have for your book. Librarians are teh awesome). The above link takes you to a preview of some of the offerings they saw. My own Zeus comes way down at the bottom. As the title of this post may lead you to believe, they say some very nice things indeed.

Thanks to Tim Bush and Sara Hudson (by way of Phil Stead, apparently) for the heads-upses.


Gary said...

Nice praise.

For what it is worth I will certainly toot your horn on my little blog in January when my book order comes in from Amazon. I am a huge fan of Greek mythology so this is perfect for me. I taught my first graders all about the Greek gods years ago and now that they are older I am sure they will enjoy your new works.

George O'Connor said...

Thanks Gary!