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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zeus and Kampe

Ah, Google alerts, I love you. How else would I find out about cool stuff like this? N.S.Gill is a classicist with her own ancient history blog on Every Monday she writes a piece spotlighting a myth of the ancient world (and not just limited to those of the Hellenic persuasion)and, by way of a review of Zeus: King of the Gods, she talks about Zeus and Kampe.

Ms. Gill, at her own admission, has never read a graphic novel before, but man, she knows her stuff. She deftly pinpointed the literary sources I used to construct my own depiction of the encounter between Zeus and Kampe, who was the guard of the Hekatonchieres and Cyclopes during their imprisonment by the Titans in Tartaros. Check out the review, and her blog. Some very interesting stuff.