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Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Moon Boy! With bonus extra Devil Dinosaur

Yeah, that's right! Celebrating Monday with Moon Boy! One of my favorite Jack Kirby creations. And to insure that readers won't think this is a naked teen Wolverine on a bad hair day I included Devil, his pet dinosaur.

 I just recently purchased the nine issues of the original Devil Dinosaur, and it starts off as the greatest concept for a kids comic ever (a young ape boy and his pet intelligent dinosaur) but quickly devolves into a hot mess. Particularly the multi-issue sequence where Moon Boy has been kidnapped by Kirbyesque superaliens who intend to vivisect him, and Devil is left outside to save him. Kirby obviously just drew this story as he went along, not planning anything out in advance, and the sheer amount of dei ex machini he has to employ to let a kinda sorta T-Rex defeat super-advanced aliens from another world is nothing short of stunning.  And this goes on for like 3 issues. But man, amazing artwork!

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