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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Olympians Poster-- the complete process

The upcoming Olympians poster is as finished as it's gonna get. I thought you might like to see this step-by-step process of how it was made, from the finish all the way back to the sketch.

finished color

finished inks


Gary said...

Hey George,

I printed this out and it is the cover for our Greek Mythology book bin (in my first grade class). We just introduced the myths to our students. They are beyond motivated and excited by the stories. Your books are in the bin too. We'll be diving into all this with your help.

Thanks, as always!


Anonymous said...

Recently bought your book Hades and I loved your art! Was curious about your other designs (especially Dionysus) so I searched and found this poster. It's so pretty! I hope you'll do a story on Dionysus featuring Ariadne in the future (one of my fav couples besides Hades x Persephone and Eros x Psyche)!!