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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Athena sketch.

So now that I've wrapped Ball-Peen Hammer, it's on to work on The Olympians. Plans are for the first two volumes, Zeus, King of the Gods and Athena, The Grey-Eyed Goddess to launch the line simultaneously. I've had the story of Zeus, (essentially an origin of the world story) and the characters therein, nailed down for a while now. In Athena, however, I introduce a whole crop of new characters, including the second generation of Olympians, i.e. the children of Zeus.

Athena, of course, will be the driving force of this book, and here is a preview of how she will appear in The Grey-Eyed Goddess. Athena was both the goddess of war and the goddess of weaving. This drawing is all about the hard, sharp lines of her armor and helmet contrasting with the billowing soft folds of her cape and dress.


Maria Mercado said...

Love this! Athena has been my favorite Greek goddess since the fourth grade, after I read the story of Arachnid. Love your new posts! No more walrus!YAY!

George O'Connor said...

yeah, walruses suck. In Grey-Eyed Goddess, I'll be telling the story of Arachne, as well as the birth of Athena from the head of Zeus, The battle of the Gigantes, and Medusa, among others. 4th graders everywhere will plotz at the coolness inside.

Maria Mercado said...

Right. Arachne, not Arachnid. Duh. You'll have to draw Athena and Arachne in MY copy!