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Monday, April 6, 2009

My new comic at

Click on the link for an explanation of the above illustration. It's from my new comic at Smithmag,com, a part of their Next Door Neighbor series of autobiographical stories, and I promise you, you will never look at me the same way again.


Anonymous said...

You are my new favorite artist.

White Lightning! said...

That's a great little story—the craft you put into it really reminded how much mice suck and how much more KILLING mice sucks!
Would love to see more short stories on the blog.

George O'Connor said...

Wow, high praise indeed!

I think I will try some short stories for the blog, but probably not as involved as this latest one.

george oconnor said...

my name is George O'Connor also. I have been writing comics. some of my fans were looking online for me and they all found you instead. my comics are called "O'Connor comics".
I would like to communicate with you. maybe we can callaborate. maybe we are related.

George O'Connor said...

Aren't all O'Connors related:)? I think I may have come across a project of yours recently on Healed? If not, then there's a third George O'Connor making comics as well, and we should join forces to destroy him.