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Friday, April 10, 2009

Olympians covers, finished pencils

As promised, here are the finished pencils for the two cover sketches I posted yesterday. It's worth mentioning that these are a bit more polished than the state I normally bring my own pencils to- I normally save most of the drawing for the inking phase. Covers, of course, are so important to the health of your finished book that I wanted to be extra sure that everything was working nicely on them before inks.

On the day I did these, there was something about the Zeus cover on the right that was bugging me. The general consensus around the studios was that there were few things that could stand tweaking, but mostly it was a good piece. For me, however, that drawing had gone past the tipping point of no salvation, and instead I opted to draw a whole new cover the next day. I rarely do anything like that, but when I do, I almost always feel like I did the right thing later.

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the head of Medusa has been amped up a bit since the sketches I posted yesterday. Things like that will change throughout the whole process. I can tell you, for instance, that Athena's head will be a mite bit smaller in the inked piece.