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Monday, April 4, 2011

The 38th anniversary of the first cell-phone call!

So, it turns out that the first ever cellphone call was made 38 years ago today.  Who knew the cellphone was so old? It's older than me!

I think the first time, in my own limited worldview, that I really became aware of the soon-to-be-ubiquitous cell phone was about 1995, give or take a year. So, as I am often prone to do, I tried to imagine what 1995 George, if while on one of his patented Angry Walks® through 1995 NYC, would think if he accidentally walked through a space-time wormhole to the NYC of 2011 and saw all the peoples on their bluetooth headsets.

Used to be, you could spot the crazies in NYC a mile off, as they'd be the ones merrily yammering to themselves. Now, we all are. Yay cell phones!

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