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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Warm up: Alpha Flight

Studiomate and fellow Drawbridger Reilly Brown had a hand last week (alongside writer Jim McCann) in resurrecting the cult-favorite Canadian Marvel superteam Alpha Flight last week, so today we're all honoring this feat by drawing, you guessed it, Alpha Flight. Each member of Alpha Flight has died, oh, about 7 million times before, but I have a feeling this time their return will stick.

I drew Puck, one of the only members of Alpha Flight not to return from the dead in Reilly's one-shot. Ah, Puck... As a Canadian superteam, almost all of the members of Alpha Flight embodied some stereotypical concept of Canada. It was lead by Guardian, a guy in a Maple leaf suit, there was an Eskimo goddess, a Native American Medicine man, a Sasquatch, and so on. And then there was Puck. A dwarf who dressed up as a hockey puck. Because Canadians love hockey.

Oh, Puck. I have a theory that Alpha Flight creator John Byrne had wanted to use Canadian superhero Wolverine in his Alpha Flight book and was denied by Marvels' editors, so he went and created a character who was even shorter, hairier, uglier and Canadianer than Wolverine to take his place. Slap a big "P" on his torso and it's done!

Do yourself a favor and check out Reilly's Alpha Flight one-shot. It's very good, and for better or worse, is 100% Puck free.

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