Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today's topic was "Chimera"

Well, I am kind of the mythology guy round hereabouts, so why not draw the original Chimera, the one from Greek myth? Well, Tim did a version of it that I can't touch, which hearkens back very closely to the (kinda sorta goofy) ancient depictions. But as luck would have it, I designed my own take on the  Chimera as part of a pitch for a spin-off series from Olympians that is currently languishing in non-development. I was fiercely proud of this somewhat more realistic take (if something like the Chimera could ever be considered realistic)  and was kind of saddened that there's a good chance it will never see the light of day otherwise, so why not share it here? So, as I was on the move all day, here's my crappy little subway doodle of the Chimera:

and as an added bonus, here's a sliver of art from that ill-fated Olympians spin-off pitch I mentioned, showing my Chimera and the Greek hero Bellerophon.

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