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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dr. Who- Peter Cushing

Todays' Drawbridge topic was Dr. Who.

Dr. Who fills one of my geek blind-spots-- kind of like Star Trek or Dungeons & Dragons, I somehow never got into this thing that most people who are like me (geeky cartoonists) have as an integral part of their geek loves.

I do know enough about Doctor Who to know that there were a couple of movies based on the series, but, continuity-wise, they are very different. Peter Cushing, he of Hammer Horror film, Sherlock Holmes and Grand Moff Tarkin fame, played the good Doctor, but he's not counted as one of the canonical Doctors-- of which there's been , like, fifty. Here's my take on Cushing's Dr. Who:

I know this version of the Doctor is probably the ugly red-headed stepchild of Dr. Who fanfare, which is partially why I drew it. Also, I wanted to draw Peter Cushing, who, as it turns out, is a lot harder to capture the likeness of than you'd think. All cheekbones, no lips.

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