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Monday, January 24, 2011

Wonder Twins vs the Divine Twins

I was just going to straight up draw Apollo and Artemis, the twin Olympians, for today's Drawbridge challenge of "twins", but then Tim opined in the  comment section of his post that I would be drawing the Wonder Twins of Superfriends fame.

Now understand this: I hate the Wonder Twins. I know that they were designed by the great Alex Toth and all, but come on, they super-suck. The girl's power was okay-- she could become any animal she wanted. The boy's though? He could become water?  Every time it was "form of a bucket of ice water". That's not a power, it's a handicap. And don't get me started on their stupid monkey. Gleek, feh!

Anyway, if there are any gods that you don't want to mess with, Apollo and Artemis top that list. They'll kill you dead just for looking at them sideways, and won't think a thing of it. They're HARDCORE. I bet they did this to the Wonder Twins just because their monkey is so freakin' dumb.

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Melon Lord said...

Artemis is my favorite!