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Monday, October 4, 2010

warm up: Monkey or Why I Hate Chimps

Today at Drawbridge, Deep 6's very own west coast expatriate Leland Purvis chose today's theme, "monkey".

I have a complicated relationship with monkeys, or more specifically, apes. I like bonobos, I'm all about gorillas, and who doesn't love a good orangutan? But chimpanzees? Ick.

Any other large wild animal that you have the misfortune of having a run-in with, you can reasonably expect it to simply kill you. Tiger, bear, alligator-- they have the decency to kill and eat you. A chimp, on the other hand... if it's not eating your face and hands, it's pulling off your genitals and then leaving you alive. They suck.

btw, this is my second "chimp with a skull " piece I've drawn as a warm-up recently. Here's the other.


82jp said...

okay- there are documented reports of chimps pulling off genitals and leaving their prey alive?

George O'Connor said...
I suppose it's debatable if he was prey or not... but...chimps suck