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Friday, October 1, 2010

Warm up: Robert Mitchum

Mad Scotsman Simon Fraser chose today's warm up topic: Robert Mitchum. Check out his and the rest of the Drawbridge posse's take on Mr. Mitchum here.

Mitchum's a lot harder to capture than you might think. I feel like I did a better job with the right side of his face than the left (my right, not his).

I used his hand tattoos to make a reference to that old Cape Fear episode of the Simpsons, when Sideshow Bob had "Luv" and "Hat" tattooed on his three-fingered paw. Good stuff.


Calista said...

"Very well, Bart. I will send you to heaven! ...before I send you to HELL."

George O'Connor said...

Nicely quoted. And now I have the HMS Pinafore in my head.