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Monday, April 7, 2008

..and yet even more Uncle Bigfoot

Finishing out this preview sequence are pages 5 and 6. Page 5 is one of my two favorite pages in the book, with the narrator running down his list of possible reasons why someone wouldn't want to be photographed. It's very six-years-old, and , I should say, very me. Page six contains my obligatory self-portrait (with the lovely Arta), as well as a few cameos by some pop-culture icons.
Who's behind the door? Well, the book is called Uncle Bigfoot. The next page is a big foldout, revealing the titular Uncle Bernie in all his hirsute glory. I'd show you here, but certain mysterious forces who don't want you to know would, like, get me. Totally.


Anonymous said...

I think you should do a book with the robber in it. I love that drawing! looking forward to buying the book.

Paula Vaughan said...

Hi George,

My 7 year old daughter and I just read your book - OUTSTANDING! I'm teaching a cryptomythology summer camp for gifted kids and your book will be a delight for the Bigfoot fans.

I love the details in your work - the plethora of bookshelves with cryptozoology and mythology book titles, the unicorn skeleton, the baby with Spiderman in his/her mouth - all of it. Uncle Bigfoot is endearing and enchanting as he sends postcards asking after his nieces and nephews. I love the page where the baby is sleeping on his tummy. Oh! And the ending! Very nice indeed ;). Every page and every moment was interesting, engaging and educational. I'll be looking up a few names on the bookshelves I saw...

We read the book twice in a row and thrilled at the humor, tenderness and just plain fun. Thanks for creating such a unique, genuine treat that is pure joy!

Best always,
Paula Vaughan
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