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Monday, April 7, 2008

Medusa revisited

Here's the pretty Medusa I was mentioning earlier (well, prettier). Like I said, I want to make her a more sympathetic character, and not just some monster who goes around turning people into statues. Does anyone know how Medusa got to be all ugly and snake-haired? Well, you will after reading Grey-Eyed Goddess. You'll learn why I see her as a tragic figure.

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booksRule said...

Hmmmmm....without consulting any nearby books, I know that she has sisters and lives on the edge of the world and is blind to receive. Light does not enter her eyes but rather earth in the accelerated speed of petrification issues forth. Now I will go cheat and consult a book. I don't think I can wait since a sense of compassion can be wrought. Perhaps she with Atlas was punished since he fares (and not so well) close by.....sara