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Friday, September 17, 2010

Requiem for Some Trees

So we had some freakish crazy weather in Brooklyn last night. Out of nowhere, we were slammed with insane wind and crazy rain. I was at the studio-- we had a clear view of an elevated section of the BQE where two tractor trailers were blown over on their side. Trees down, everywhere.

Got home, and this was my block. It was one of the greenest ones in Brooklyn, but we lost a significant chunk at least of nearly every non-pine tree. I know as of this writing the National Weather Service is still trying to figure out if this was a tornado or not, but considering the devastation on my street, and things being untouched a block away, I'm convinced.

That's our windows visible now. We used to have three beautiful trees providing coverage, with wind chimes and birdfeeder. They're all gone now. It's heartbreaking.

This was my girlfriends favorite tree on the block. It was also the largest tree on the street.

We would always point it out-- "it's our favorite tree"

A few months ago it lost a chunk in an unrelated incident, but we still loved it. All that's left now is that one straggly branch.

A couple of our photos were immortalized on the NYTimes. Check them out here:


Tim Hamilton said...

Sorry dude!
Big tree went down in our hood too but not my favorite one!

Joanna said...

Hey George, sorry to hear about your favorite tree. I hope your block can be cleaned up and something new can grow.

George O'Connor said...

Thanks Joanna. They cleared out most of the piles of downed tress yesterday, but not before I grabbed some seed pods and acorns from a few favorites. I'm going to plant them somewhere safe and hope for the best.