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Friday, September 17, 2010

Warm Up Action Figure

Today's warm-up drawing topic was "Action Figure" so I opted to draw this still life from my drawing desk at Hypothetical Island Studios. I am an action figure freak (my collection at home is... significant) and a few favorites have spilled over to my studio away from home. Here we have Beaker of Muppet Show fame being tortured/menaced by Lobster Johnson, of Hellboy Supporting character fame. In the background, you can see my long-suffering Jade plant. I just can't keep those things alive.

As a "bonus" for those of you who view this here rather than at the Drawbridge blog, here's a couple of shots of my home collection.

Gorillaz vs. Hellboy

Not a giant action figure, but fellow DrawBridger Nathan Schreiber, making a guest appearance amongst the collection. He held that pose for, like, hours.

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