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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Warm up post: Bob the Uranian

Didn't get to post this yesterday, it was a crazy day, but here is Friday's warm up sketch. I decided to pay homage to my favorite character from the only Marvel Comic I'm reading these days. Writer Jeff Parker took a mostly obscure bunch of 1950's comic characters and transformed them into the Agents of Atlas, a strange superhero team that is the best thing, IMO, Marvel is publishing. One of the team is Bob Grayson, formerly a bright and shiny superhero called Marvel Boy, now the extraterrestrial Uranian. I won't go into great detail what makes him cool here ( but he has his own UFO! With a meteor Smasher!), but you should go check out some trades of Agents of Atlas, and even grab the current series (just called Atlas) while it's still on the stands. Unfortunately, even with great critical acclaim, the series has struggled to find an audience, and is being canceled with issue 4. boo.

All characters depicted and mentioned trademark and copyright their respective owners, natch.

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